Introducing SolStoners

420 uniquely generated, with all the attributes hand-drew by our Creative Team



Our idea

Our Creative Team has decided to generate 420 of the most irreverent and cute Buds on the market. Every SolStoner is casually generated by our custom-algorithm, based on multiple groups of hand-designed attributes, in order to create the craziest results possible.

Our intentions

With this project, our Team wants to play around a sensible topic in the society where we live. We have various goals, but the main is for sure a trend of positive thoughts about all the bad stereotypes created around this topic. We are pro-legalization in all countries where it has not yet been approved.

Our final ambition

With the profits coming from the sales, we want to create a SolStoner’s Network, investing in legal cannabis-related business which could include, in the future, our own Cannabis Clubs, where payments in crypto currencies will be accepted.

Our community

One of our biggest flex is our community, where everyone is accepted and have the chance to expose his opinion, ideas and ambition. We always put our community above everything, because each one of our supporters is a little piece of our dreams.

Hand Made

All the accessories, hats, mouths and eyes are completely hand-drew, as well as our main character. The peculiarities of every SolStoner are casually chosen and placed by our algorithm, which is programmed to work with different rarities of each attribute, previously decided. Moreover, you'll soon verify how rare your SolStoner is, comparing the various attributes and their rarity!



In the pre-drop phase we will host some giveaways and contest on our twitter profile and on the official discord server. Winners will be rewarded with completely free SolStoners!


Some days before the drop, we will share all the necessaries information needed to provide the smoothest drop possible, giving access to all the users to our site, in order to connect your wallet.


On drop day, you will have access to our site where you will be able to mint your SolStoners NFT! If the transaction will be successful, you will find your Solana Bud directly into your wallet.


After the drop, our project will go to the Heart, and our holders will receive some benefits: we’ll give back 42% of royalties coming from the secondary market, we’ll organize special giveaway and contest only accessible from the ones who owns one or more SolStoners.


Another benefit will be the early access to our next project, that will be unveiled some days after the mint (COMING SOON)


The project will keep expanding during the time, with an escalation of advantages in every phase, only for our loyal holders of course. If things goes as planned, we have also projects regarding a Cannabis Club to open here in Europe, with VIP access for our first holders, with potential crypto-payment accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When are you going to drop?

    We dropped 30 November 2021, 21 UTC! Now we are sold out!

  • At the pre-announced drop time, we’re going to post the link on our Discord and Twitter. Of course, you can also stay ready in our main site (this one), where you can reach the host-page of the drop with a simple click on the banner “Mint a SolStoner”. Here, also during the pre-drop days, you can already link your wallet, for a faster checkout experience.

  • You can use Phantom, Solflare and Sollet.

  • No! Also if we are going to drop 420 NFTs, the competitive price of just 0.1 SOL will certainly make them very attractive, and many will try to buy at the same time. We recommend to be as fast as you can, in order to have the highest chance possibile.

  • After making the purchase, wait some seconds and then check your wallet, if it’s all fine, you’re going to find your SolStoner directly in the wallet. In case of a non-successful transaction, your 0.1 SOL will be refunded by our system.

  • After the cop, you have to decide between selling your NFT on a secondary market or holding it. The holders in addition to being part of our DAO will be rewarded in different ways (see more details on our discord server)



Developer | Front-end Developer

Developer of the landing page & helper of the graphic designer


Developer | Solana blockchain developer

Developer of the minting page & Generative NFT Software


Social Manager | Discord & Twitter

Manager of the Discord server, social media manager


Social Manager | Twitter & Discord

Manager of the Twitter account, social media manager


NFT Artist

Graphic designer, illustrator, designer of the SolStoners